Poetry Contest for Children and Teens – 2023 Winners

Congratulations to our winners!

In celebration of the beautiful natural setting of our festival, the theme of the contest was nature.

Thank you to our contest partner Wellington County Library and our judges: Sofia Kowal, Assistant Branch Supervisor at Mount Forest, and Sharyn Southworth, Assistant Branch Manager at Aboyne.

Read the winning entries by clicking on the links below.

Poetry Contest for Children

Grades 1-3
Winner: J. Nieminen, “The Black Bear
Hailey Quinn, “The Lil Squirrel
Mishael Aldarwish, “Adventuring is fun
Lilith Carson, “The Woods Near My House

Grades 4-6
Winner: Sasha Martin, “Weeds
Sequoia Hill-Henry,  “Peace
Audrey Davis, “Down by the Little Forest
Tiara Friesen, “Midnight Breeze

Grades 7-8
Winner: Maddy Cocking, “This Night
Maunikha Rasineni, “Falling Leaves
Jeff Tang, “Autumn Orchestra”
Olivia Brown, “Fall Forest

Poetry Contest for Teens

Grades 9-10
Winner: Hailey Grant, “Rain
Jade Chan, “Flight Paths
Anna Rawle, “Nature’s Rage
Tishika Thatere “Paradise on Earth

Grades 11-12
Winner: Cheryl Chen, “7 Ways of Looking At Sand
Hadasa Deakin, “Thunderstorm
Finley M, “Childhood’s Yellow Summers
Paige Sanders, “Mother Nature’s Embrace”

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