Featured Writers

Gabriel Allahdua

Harvesting Freedom: The Life of a Migrant Worker in Canada
Published by Between the Lines

Jamaluddin Aram

Nothing Good Happens in Wazirabad on Wednesday
Published by Simon & Schuster

andrea bennett

the berry takes the shape of the bloom
Published by Talonbooks

Emma Donoghue

Learned by Heart
Published by HarperAvenue (HarperCollins Canada)

Paul Gilligan

Pluto Rocket: New in Town (Pluto Rocket #1)
Published by Tundra Books(Penguin Random House Canada)

Don Gillmor

Breaking and Entering
Published by Biblioasis

James Gordon

The Highway and I
Published by Pipe Street Publishing

Ali Hassan

Is There Bacon in Heaven?
Published by Simon & Schuster

Michael Hingston

Try Not to Be Strange: The Curious History of the Kingdom of Redonda
Published by Biblioasis

Holly Hogan

Message in a Bottle: Ocean Dispatches from a Seabird Biologist
Published by Knopf Canada (Penguin Random House Canada)

Uzma Jalaluddin

Much Ado About Nada
Published by HarperAvenue (HarperCollins Canada)

Amy Jones

Pebble and Dove
Published by McClelland & Stewart (Penguin Random House Canada)

Michelle Kadarusman

We The Sea Turtles: A Collection of Island Stories
Published by Pajama Press

Larissa Lai

The Lost Century
Published by Arsenal Pulp Press

Ken McGoogan

Searching for Franklin: New Answers to the Great Arctic Mystery
Published by Douglas & McIntyre

Jean Mills

Bliss Adair and the First Rule of Knitting
Published by Red Deer Press Inc (Fitzhenry and Whiteside)

Cara-Lyn Morgan

Building a Nest from the Bones of My People
Published by Invisible Publishing

Jane Munro

False Creek
Published by Harbour Publishing

Janika Oza

A History of Burning
Published by McClelland & Stewart (Penguin Random House Canada)

Amanda Peters

The Berry Pickers
Published by Harper Perennial (HarperCollins Canada)

Brett Popplewell

Outsider: An Old Man, a Mountain and the Search for a Hidden Past
Published by Collins (HarperCollins Canada)

Michelle Porter

A Grandmother Begins the Story
Published by Viking (Penguin Random House Canada)

Zalika Reid-Benta

River Mumma
Published by Penguin Canada (Penguin Random House Canada)

Craig Shreve

The African Samurai
Published by Simon & Schuster

Gillian Sze

The Little Green Envelope
Published by Groundwood Books

Katherena Vermette

The Circle
Published by Hamish Hamilton (Penguin Random House Canada)

Thomas Wharton

The Book of Rain
Published by Penguin Random House Canada

Carolyn Whitzman

Clara at the Door with a Revolver
Published by On Point Press (UBC Press)

Dr. Dave Williams

Space On Earth: How Thinking Like an Astronaut Can Help Save the Planet
Published by Annick Press

Alissa York

Far Cry
Published by Random House Canada (Penguin Random House Canada)

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