Barbara Kyle

Barbara Kyle is the author of the internationally acclaimed Thornleigh Saga historical novels (“Riveting Tudor drama” – USA Today) and thrillers including The Experiment (“Haunting. Kyle keeps the cinematic action scenes and nail-biting suspense rolling throughout.” – Publishers Weekly). Over half a million copies of her books have been sold worldwide. Her latest novel is The Deadly Trade. A screenwriter as well, Barbara wrote the screenplay for the feature film Saving Dinah, available on Amazon Prime. Barbara has mentored hundreds of writers in her online programs, and many have become award-winning authors. Before becoming an author, Barbara enjoyed a twenty-year acting career, playing Shakespearean heroines on stage, leading roles in daytime TV dramas, and characters in Disney made-for-TV movies. Barbara and her husband live in Guelph, Ontario, where they enjoy its riverside trails, vibrant arts scene, and all-round good neighbourliness. Visit Barbara at  

The Deadly Trade
By Barbara Kyle
Published by Woodhall Press

Natalie Sinclair has dedicated her life to animal rescue. From lost dogs and cats to lab rabbits and pigs, Nat and her team of volunteers at All Creatures Great and Small will do almost anything to keep animals out of harm’s way. When a freak accident results in the death of her beloved horse, and the man responsible ends up murdered, Nat is a natural suspect. Worse, she has caught the attention of the dead man’s brother, whose wealth and unsavory connections run deep, including a link to a dangerous ring of criminals trafficking in wild animals.  

Suddenly, Nat’s problems are much greater than breaking up lab tests on animals or finding her own missing dog. To clear her name, she’s going to have to take risks she’s never taken before and confront people she’d much rather avoid – including those closest to her. As her professional and personal life crumbles around her, and the stakes surrounding the murder become more and more dangerous, Nat will have to act with extreme daring or else she, not the animals, will be the one in need of rescue. 

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