The Cottage

4:30 p.m.

The Changemakers

Presenters: Gabriel Allahdua (Harvesting Freedom), Annahid Dashtgard (Bones of Belonging), and Deborah Dundas (On Class)

Session Format: Readings, interviews, and discussion

Host: Farzana Doctor, author (Seven and You Still Look The Same) and psychotherapist

Gabriel Allahdua, a former migrant worker, reveals a disturbing system of exploitation at the heart of Canada’s farm labour system.

Annahid Dashtgard shares her experiences searching for belonging in our deeply divided world.

Deborah Dundas investigates what happens when we don’t talk about poverty or class—and what happens when we do.

Join our panel of changemakers as they present their startling new works of nonfiction.

Gabriel Allahdua

Harvesting Freedom: The Life of a Migrant Worker in Canada
Published by Between the Lines

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