Literary Fiction

Willow Hill

1:30 p.m.

My Side of the Story

Presenters: Jennilee Austria-Bonifacio (Reuniting with Strangers), Sabyasachi Nag (Hands Like Trees), and Michelle Porter (A Grandmother Begins the Story)

Session Format: Readings, interviews, and discussion

Host: Ann Y.K. Choi, author and educator

Across time and continents, and spanning generations, these three dazzling works of fiction explore identity, family, belonging, and the impossible choices we make to survive. With books written in the alternating voices of their characters, Jennilee Austria-Bonifacio, Sabyasachi Nag, and Michelle Porter use distinctive narrative styles to present their compelling stories

Jennilee Austria-Bonifacio

Sabyasachi Nag

Michelle Porter

Ann Y.K. Choi

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