Short Stories, Literary Fiction and Essays

The Cottage

1:30 p.m.

Modern Folklore 

Presenters: Marianne Micros (Statue), Zalika Reid-Benta (River Mumma) and Emily Urquhart (Ordinary Wonder Tales)

Session Format: Readings, interviews, and discussion

Host: Farzana Doctor, author (Seven and You Still Look The Same) and psychotherapist

What happens when a writer stretches and plays with the boundaries of reality, marrying elements of folklore and fantasy with contemporary life? Writers Marianne Micros, Zalika Reid-Benta and Emily Urquhart will discuss all this and more as they give us a glimpse into the magic that can be found in the everyday.

Zalika Reid-Benta

River Mumma
Published by Penguin Canada (Penguin Random House Canada)

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