Literary Fiction

The Cottage

12:00 p.m.

Falling Into Place 

Presenters: Jamaluddin Aram (Nothing Good Happens in Wazirabad on Wednesday), Brooke Lockyer (Burr) and Alissa York (Far Cry)

Session Format: Readings, interviews, and discussion

Host: Steven W. Beattie, a writer and critic from Stratford, Ontario

From the winding alleys of Wazirabad, Afghanistan to the rural town of Burr, Ontario, to Rivers Inlet on the northwest coast of British Columbia — the settings of these compelling new novels shape the characters and the action unfolding within. Join Jamaluddin Aram, Brooke Lockyer and Alissa York as they explore the distinctive settings of their latest work and discuss how “place” can be a character in itself.

Nothing Good Happens in Wazirabad on Wednesday
Published by Simon & Schuster

Published by Nightwood Editions

Far Cry
Published by Random House Canada (Penguin Random House Canada)


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