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ASL Interpretation

ASL interpretation is provided for all of our adult programming happening at “The Meadow” and our children’s programming happening at “Jenny’s Place”. Please consult the schedule for details.


Accessible parking is available in the village, and will be marked on the Eden Mills map provided. Please follow the signs at the entrance to the festival, or ask a volunteer for assistance.

Moving Between Sites

If you need assistance to travel between sites, please use our golf cart “bus stops” located throughout the village and our volunteers will take you where you need to go. Please consult the event map for specific locations.

Event Viewing

Our festival takes place outside, and programming sites are located in the backyards of residents throughout the village. All sites have a reserved section near the road with a tent to provide shade and flat ground.

Food Court

Our food court includes accessible picnic tables.


Accessible portable toilets are located throughout the village for your convenience. Please consult the event map for specific locations.

Questions, Concerns, Feedback

We would be happy to hear from you! Please contact [email protected].

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