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Wild Outside: Around the World with Survivorman
Written by Les Stroud, Illustrated by Andrew P. Barr, Photographs by Laura Bombier
Published by Annick Press

A book review by Grace (11), Jacob (8), and Eli (9)

Grace and Jacob's review

Hi Grace and Jacob! Let's start off with an easy one - what is this book about?

Grace: Wild Outside: Around the World with Survivorman is a series of short stories about Les Stroud’s (AKA Survivorman) adventures, but the stories also teach important lessons. The book is divided into four main sections: Prepare, Observe, React, and Adapt. Each section tells stories about how he did, or did not, prepare, observe, react, or adapt. 

Jacob: The book Wild Outside is about the author’s adventures in the wild around the world. Sometimes he has to eat gross food, figure out how to react to wild animals and many other challenges.  

What do you like about this book? 

Grace: I like this book because I love being outside, and adventuring. Survivorman goes adventuring on a much larger scale! And you might think that Les Stroud, the famous Survivorman, would know how to camp in the wild perfectly for the conditions every time, but sometimes, even Survivorman does not prepare correctly for his environment. And I love camping, so I can learn from some of his mistakes. 

Jacob: I really liked how the author included survival tips that I can use on my own adventures.  I also liked that there were activities to try at home.

What is your favourite part of the story and why? 

Grace: My favourite part of the book was chapter 4: Here Kitty, Kitty! I like this chapter because it takes place in Temagami, which is where I go to camp. I also learned that Cattails can be eaten and used in several different ways. Finally, the chapter was about Survivorman and an encounter with a Canadian Lynx that came to say hello! I thought that was so cool and adorable! 

Jacob: This book is made up of a series of stories about the author's adventures.  My favourite story was when he had to eat two different kinds of grubs to survive.  One of the grubs was actually delicious, but the other one - gross!!

Why should other kids read this book? 

Grace: Other kids should read this book because it is full of funny and interesting adventure stories. But this book also teaches skills. Not just about how to survive in different surroundings, but life skills. For example, one chapter teaches you a few ways to tell if an animal is scared or provoked. Another teaches you that you should always prepare properly, like researching, and packing what is needed. 

Jacob: I think other kids should read this book because it is very exciting and fun to read.  There are lots of illustrations as well as real photographs of the authors adventures.

Who would you recommend this book to? 

Grace: I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure stories, the outdoors and camping, or has watched Survivorman’s show before.

Jacob: I would recommend this book to boys and girls of any age, but especially, someone who likes exploring in nature and wants to go on survival adventures.

If you could ask the author a question, what would it be? 

Grace: If I could ask Les Stroud one thing, I think I would ask him: What was the biggest mistake that you made, while in the wilderness? 

Jacob: If I could ask the author, Les, a question, I would like to know where the most challenging place  is that he’s had to survive so far.

Thank you, Grace and Jacob!

Eli's review

Wild Outside: Around the World with Survivorman is a non-fiction book by Canadian adventurer and author Les Stroud. The book is illustrated by Andrew P. Barr. This book is AMAZING!!! You get to learn so many cool facts and tips on how to survive anywhere on earth. One of my favourite things about the book is the “Try this at home” section. Here the author gives you examples of things you can try at home, learning how to do simple experiments like tracking weather patterns by making a rain gauge. One of the other things I really liked about the book was reading about the many shocking things he has done. For example, when he was in the outback of Australia, he ate witchetty grubs. He describes its taste like chicken on the outside and scrambled eggs on the inside. If you are a person who loves the outdoors, animals, and nature like I am, then this definitely is the book for you. 

Thank you, Eli!