Non-fiction/Essays/Social science

The Meadow

3:15 p.m.

Where to From Here? 

Presenters: Robyn Maynard (Rehearsals for Living) and Kit Dobson (Field Notes on Listening)

Host: Judith Pereira, The Globe and Mail’s Arts Editor

How do we negotiate the time in which we are living, the implications of the world we have created, and find a path forward? Kit Dobson and Robyn Maynard discuss this and more with their new non-fiction titles.

When Kit Dobson’s daughter looked at the field of stars on the screen at the beginning of a new Star Wars movie in the theatre and remarked to her father, “Yeah, right. There’s not that many stars,” Dobson suddenly realized his daughter had never truly seen the night sky. From then on Dobson began to think seriously about how little we, as humans, interact with the natural world and how that has changed our place within it.

When much of the world entered pandemic lockdown in spring 2020 authors Robyn Maynard and Leanne Betasamosake Simpson began writing each other letters—a gesture sparked by friendship and solidarity, and by a desire for kinship and connection in a world shattering under the intersecting crises of pandemic, police killings, and climate catastrophe. Their letters soon grew into a powerful exchange on the subject of where we go from here.

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