Under the Stars with Animals

by Adia Ross Ross

Poetry Contest for Children Runner-Up, Primary Category (Grades 1-3)

Under the Stars with Animals

Stars in the dark sky shine so bright
A little girl waits under the clear moonlight
She wonders how long the little wolf will be
Until he comes out from behind the tree.

The little wolf stops to breathe in the air
And then he is joined by the great big bear.
The Great big bear comes along too
Bringing his big teddy bear named Boo.

The little wolf sees something red
And a fox comes out with her super comfy bed.
And then squirrel pops out from inside its borough
With his sleeping bag and fluffy pillow

They all settle in beneath the stars
And fall asleep even with the noisy sound of cars.
A girl, a bear, a fox, and a squirrel
All sleeping peacefully in a happy starry world

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