EMWF Kids' Reads

This Is How I Know
Written by Brittany Luby, Illustrated by Joshua Pawis-Steckley
Translated by Alvin Ted Corbiere and Alan Corbiere
Published by House of Anansi

A book review by Javier (4) Lincoln-Joseph (4) and Rosie (3)!


Welcome Javier, Lincoln-Joseph and Rosie! Can you tell us what this book is about?

Javier: The book is about 4 seasons.

Lincoln-Joseph: This book is about the seasons. It tells you when there is summer and fall and winter and when spring is here. There is a little girl and a grandma and they see all the animals. They are season detectives and they look for clues to tell them the seasons.

Rosie: It’s about the seasons.

What do you like about this book?

Javier: I really liked the parts with the birds and the puppies and the frog. I liked spring and winter the best.

Lincoln-Joseph: I really like the pictures because it shows me all the ways to see what the seasons look like. They are very colourful and there is lots of green stuff. Green is my favourite colour and there is a lot of it in this book. The pictures show me how to be a detective because you get to see all the stuff in the story and then you can find them. I am going to be a detective like the girl in the book and I am going to go outside and find all the clues for the seasons!

Rosie: I like that all the flowers come back in Spring.

What was your favourite part of the story?

Javier: My favourite part of the book is the sneaky mouse that tried to get into the house.

Lincoln-Joseph: My favourite part was learning that summer changes to fall, fall changes to winter, winter changes to spring and spring changes to fall like a big giant circle. I like all the animals that like those seasons and what their names are because the girl told me in this book.

Rosie: I like when the winter part is there.

What do you like about the illustrations?

Lincoln-Joseph: I like the pictures because they are colourful and how they show us all the things that happen in the seasons and what all the animals look like. I like the cute owl and he is sleeping in the tree. I like the little girl because she looks like my girl cousin. I like the fox because he is fluffy and the loon because he is silly and his name rhymes with moon!

Rosie: I like the picture of the flower because it reminds me of my peonies.

Why should kids read this book?

Lincoln-Joseph: Everyone should read this book because its fun and its interesting. It teaches you lots of stuff like the seasons, the animals that like the seasons and its so so so delightful! I love it! And I want to read it again and again so I can find all the clues.

Rosie: Because it’s really nice with the flowers in it.

If you could ask the author a question, what would it be?

Lincoln-Joseph: If I could ask the author or illustrator a question, I want to know what’s their favourite season if they like summer like me. I get to go to the beach like the little girl in the story. I want to know what’s that language that is in the book because its one I can’t read because I don’t know how. I want to know if they learned it from their grandma. And how come I never seen it before.

Rosie: Why did you write a book about the seasons?

Thank you Javier, Lincoln-Joseph and Rosie!