Piper’s Bend

12:30 p.m.

The Unconventional Detective

Presenters: Kelley Armstrong (A Rip Through Time), Ian Hamilton (The Sultan of Sarawak), and Nita Prose (The Maid)

Host: Steven Kraft, CEO at Guelph Public Library

We’ve grown accustomed to a particular type of fictional detective – that brooding, hard-boiled, noir-type with a chip on his shoulder. Well, you won’t find that trope here!

Mallory is a modern-day homicide detective who finds herself in Victorian Scotland in an unfamiliar body—with a killer on the loose! Ava Lee is a resourceful forensic accountant who chases bad debts (and bad guys) for a living. And Molly is a hotel maid who discovers a dead guest and must hunt for the killer to clear her name.

Join authors Kelley Armstrong, Ian Hamilton, and Nita Prose as they discuss the detective trope in fiction, how their characters break the mould, and what tricks they employ when crafting page-turners.

Ian Hamilton

The Sultan of Sarawak
Published by House of Anansi Press

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