EMWF Kids' Reads

The Stray and Strangers
Written by Steven Heighton, Illustrated by Melissa Iwai
Published by Groundwood Books

A book review by Kaylee and Emma (7)


Welcome Kaylee and Emma! Can you tell us what this book is about?

The book is about a dog and the dog was a stray. There is a bearded man and a woman who the dog begins to trust. They feed him food, milk and water. There were strangers that lived in war and other problems and they took a boat from Turkey to an island to escape and have a new life. The dog meets a boy and the dog comforts him. One day the boy has to leave the dog but the dog gets to leave with the bearded man.

What do you like about this book?

I like the dog Kanella and the people in it who help others. I like how Kanella is nice to kids and comforts the boy. I like the book because the bearded man and woman let the dog sleep in shelter and I like how the workers give the people food.

What was your favourite part of the story?

My favorite part of the story is the dog. The dog is cute and can comfort the boy.

What do you like about the visuals? How do the visuals help to tell the story?

I liked that that the illustrations are carefully drawn. The pictures help me imagine what it would be like there. I like how the picture is really full with detail.

Why should other kids read this book?

We loved the story. Other kids might like this book and I think they should try reading it because there are good illustrations and if they like dogs it is based on a dog. It made us feel different emotions learning what other people live through.

If you could ask the author or illustrator a question, what would it be?

I would ask the author how long it took to write this book and the illustrator how long it took to draw the pictures.

Thank you Kaylee and Emma!