EMWF Kids' Reads

Sunny Days Inside and Other Stories
Written by Caroline Adderson
Published by Groundwood Books

A book review by Alex (11) and Daya (11)

Alex's review

Sunny Days Inside is about how a bunch of kids worked through problems to survive a pandemic. The kids all live in the same apartment building, are all about the same age and most know each other. All the problems the families have come from the pandemic for example one family runs out of money to keep renting in the building. One family tries to learn something during the pandemic and decides to learn new languages. The daughter, Jessica, learned sign language so she could communicate with the deaf girl in the next apartment.

I liked the fact that we are going through a pandemic just like the characters in the book. I feel like I can relate. I also like the way the book was written. Each chapter was a story about a different family and apartment. I didn't have a favorite part. I just really liked the whole thing and I have not read a book that is written like this before.

I think other kids should read this book because they could learn a lot about a pandemic and what one can accomplish. I would recommend this book to everyone because it's a good story and we can all learn from it.

If I could ask the author a question, it would be what inspired you to write this book and why did you write it? Overall I really enjoyed reading the book.

Daya's Review

Sunny Days Inside and Other Stories is a book about a group of kids who live in the same apartment building. They are all friends who enjoy hanging out together, but when the pandemic hits things change. Now, the kids must cope with all the new changes that have been made and all the new rules that are being enforced.

I like how relatable this book is. Throughout the book, there are several moments when anyone can relate to the situation or what the character is feeling. I also really liked reading about all of the different kids, how their lives were affected by the pandemic, and how they adapted to the changes which were happening all around them. I found it really interesting to see how even though they couldn’t hang out and play like they normally would, they still found a way to stay connected and talk to each other.

My favorite part of the book was when all the kids came together and snuck out of the apartment building at night. This part of the book was suspenseful because I wasn't sure what would happen or if they would get caught. It was also fun to read because it was their first time seeing each other apart from the conversations they had on their balconies.

Other kids should read this book because it shows you that even though during the pandemic, we can’t do normal things, like go to the park with your friends or go to a soccer game, this doesn’t mean we can’t have fun at home with family or connect with your friends in a different way.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a short read that they can relate to. I think anyone from ages 8-11 would enjoy this book.

If I could ask the author one question it would be: What was your inspiration to write this book, and which family was your favorite to write about?

Thank you, Daya and Alex!

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