Such a Little Beautiful Thing

by Vanessa Boyce

Poetry Contest for Teens Runner-Up, Senior High Category (Grades 11-12)

Such a Little Beautiful Thing

A red robin sings from an unknown tree,
Although it doesn’t yet feel like spring.
A red robin sings from a tree to me,
Such a little beautiful thing.

A red robin chirps away in the old oak tree,
A song free of worry and sorrow.
Singing and singing with such pure glee,
With never a worry of tomorrow.

Please, teach me how to find that joy,
So bright, so full of gladness!
Because all I have is a broken mind,
And a heart full of hurt and sadness.

A red robin keeps singing from my favourite tree.
Maybe it does feel like spring.
Maybe his song is for me.

I smile,
At such a little beautiful thing.

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