Festival Sunday Set Descriptions
Sunday September 8, 2019 in Eden Mills

12:30 – 1:30

Writing Funny
Presenters: Terry Fallis, Albatross, Farah Heron, The Chai Factor, and Howard White, A Mysterious Humming Noise
Host: Amy Jones, author
Format: Readings, panel discussion and Q&A
Site: The Cottage
Description: Laughter may be a universal language but each of us has a sense of humour that is uniquely ours. What’s the secret to writing a ‘funny’ book? How do writers express their own sense of humour on the page? How do you know if what’s funny to you will make someone else smile? Join Terry Fallis, Farah Heron, Howard White, and host Amy Jones as they discuss the art of ‘writing funny’.

Out of the Ordinary
Presenters: Andrew Kaufman, The Ticking Heart, Missy Marston, Bad Ideas, and Amy Spurway, Crow
Host: Andrew Hood, The Bookshelf
Format: Readings and Q&A
Site: The Mill
Description: A ticking timebomb heart. Plans to jump a river in a rocket car. A mysterious family curse. Join Andrew Kaufman, Missy Marston and Amy Spurway as they introduce you to their unusual, extraordinary, and energetic new novels with distinctly out of the ordinary events.

Where Do We Belong?
Presenters: Anthony De Sa, Children of the Moon, Marina Endicott, The Difference, and Rabindranath Maharaj, Fatboy Fall Down
Host: Vish Khanna,
journalist/podcast host, Kreative Kontrol with Vish Khanna
Site: The Meadow
Description: When we feel as though we are different, when we struggle to belong, or when we fail to look outside of our own experiences, how does that shape our identity, our choices, and the assumptions we make about the world? Join Anthony De Sa, Marina Endicott, and Rabindranath Maharaj for readings from their new novels, followed by a Q&A.

Presenters: Chantal Gibson, How She Read, Hasan Namir, War / Torn, Hugh Thomas, Maze.
Host: Madhur Anand, EMWF Board Member, Poet, and Professor of Ecology and Environmental Studies at University of Guelph
Format: Readings and interviews
Site: Rivermead

Description: Prepare to be moved, altered, and challenged to view the world from a new perspective. Discover three astonishing collections from debut Canadian poets who tell unique, meaningful stories through innovative interpretations of language.
This session is supported by The League of Canadian Poets


The Things We Do for Love (YA)
Presenters: Tanaz Bhathena, The Beauty of the Moment, Sarah Henstra, We Contain Multitudes, and Nicki Pau Preto, Crown of Feathers
Host: Marguerite Campbell, EMWF Board Member
Format: Readings, panel discussion and Q&A
Site: The Common

Description: Whether it is romantic, friendly, or familial, love has the power to shape us, save us, and tear us apart. This discussion will look at three compelling love stories: what they share, how they differ, their source of inspiration, and why we should read them. 

1:45 – 2:45

Before and After
Presenters: Cecil Foster, They Call Me George, Linden MacIntyre, The Wake, and Catherine Porter, A Girl Named Lovely
Host: Judith Pereira, The Globe and Mail’s Books Editor

Format: Readings and interviews
Site: The Cottage
Description: A powerful untold story about Canada’s black train porters and their fight for social justice; a devastating tsunami with effects for generations to come; a miracle child, a journalist, and a decision that would alter the course of their lives. Join Cecil Foster, Linden MacIntyre, and Catherine Porter as they show us how individuals and communities can drive or respond to change in their moving new works of non-fiction.

Cabin Fever
Presenters: Lynn Coady, Watching You Without Me, Christian Guay-Poliquin, The Weight of Snow, Jessica Westhead, Worry
Host: Marissa Stapley, author The Last Resort
Format: Readings, panel discussion and Q&A
Site: The Mill
Description: Take a cabin in the snow, a cottage by the lake, an all-inclusive resort, a reluctant return to a childhood home, and add a sense of foreboding… What do you have? A recipe for gripping page-turners! Join Lynn Coady, Christian Guay-Poliquin, Jessica Westhead and host Marissa Stapley as they explore how they have used their books’ settings to isolate and exhilarate their readers.

Family Portrait
Presenters: Anar Ali, Night of Power, Emma Donoghue, Akin, and Alix Ohlin, Dual Citizens
Host: Anna Bowen, EMWF Board Member, Freelance Writer, Editor and Poet
Format: Readings and Q&A
Site: The Meadow
Description: Families can be born or made. They can lift us up and tear us down. And in times of crisis, they can pull together or they can fall apart. Join Anar Ali, Emma Donoghue and Alix Ohlin as they read from their highly anticipated new novels.

Poetry Slam
Presenters: Elise Gordezky, Fannon Holland, Beth Murch, Patrick Kelly, Truth Is…
Site: Rivermead
Description: Poetry slam teams are a stained-glass window into the heartbeat of something more real than plain words can ever access. The 2019 Guelph Poetry Slam Team, comprised of a motley crew of seasoned poets, is no exception. They intend to bring poetry that is a unique blend of style and performance, covering as many shades of the human experience as they can muster. Come experience an engaging blend of wordplay, competition, and performance as the members of the 2019 Guelph Poetry Slam Team face off against their own worst enemy – themselves!

The Light and Dark of YA
Presenters: Eileen Cook, You Owe Me a Murder, Sylvia McNicoll, Body Swap, Tim Wynne Jones, The Starlight Claim
Host: Brian Francis, author of Break in Case of Emergency

Format: Readings, panel discussion and Q&A
Site: The Common

Description: Sometimes things in life go wrong. Sometimes they go really wrong. In this panel, four authors who don’t shy away from the shadows will talk about what we can gain from reading stories about darkness and how they can help us find the light.

3:15 – 4:15

Let Me Tell You a Story…
Presenters: Laure Baudot, This One Because of the Dead, Philip Huynh, The Forbidden Purple City, Zalika Reid-Benta, Frying Plantain
Host: Katherine Koller, author Winning Chance
Format: Readings and interviews
Site: The Mill

Description: Strength. Belonging. Home. Truths. Moral quandaries. Identity. Risk. Second chances. These writers create entire worlds in so few pages. Take your front-row seat to hear readings from some of this year’s most exciting debut short story collections by compelling new voices.

With Great Fortitude
Presenters: Jesse Thistle, From the Ashes, Kristen Worley, Woman Enough, and Samra Zafar, A Good Wife
Host: Mary Ito, CBC host
Format: Readings and interviews
Site: The Meadow

Description: These three memoirs tell the story of struggle: to rise above family trauma and addiction, for diversity and inclusion, and to break free from an abusive relationship. But more than struggle, these are compelling stories of resilience, reminding us that the human spirit is not something easily broken.

The Fringe
Host: Jane Hastings, Coordinator of The Fringe
Site: The Cottage
Description: The Fringe is a set of readings by emerging writers who are not yet published in book format. A panel reviews submissions blind, and the best are invited to read. See the list of our 2019 winners here. This is an opportunity to hear up and coming authors before they break into the literary world, as several readers at The Fringe have returned to the festival as published authors. For information about how to apply to be a part of the Fringe in 2020, visit our Read at The Fringe contest page.

Presenters: Michael DeForge, Leaving Richard’s Valley and Stunt, Renée Nault, The Handmaid’s Tale, Sylvia Nickerson, Creation

Host: Jennifer Haines, owner of The Dragon, Guelph’s comic and games store
Format: Discussion and Q&A 
Site: Rivermead
Through their nuanced storytelling and evocative illustrations, each of these new graphic novels offer readers reflections of the past, meditations on the present, and warnings about the future that will stay with readers long after they’ve finished the final page.

Vocamus Writers’ Community
Presenters: Karen Houle, The Grand River Watershed: A Folk Ecology, Linda Kenyon, Sea Over Bow, and C.S. O’Cinneide, Petra’s Ghost

Host: Jeremy Luke Hill, Author and Publisher at Vocamus Press
Format: Readings
Site: The Common
Description: Three local authors will read from three very different books. Karen Houle’s creative pairing of literary and ecological modes presents the Grand River as a complex living system. Linda Kenyon’s memoir is an adventure story, but it is also about finding the courage to start again. C.S. O’Cinneide’s novel tells the story of a woman who has vanished on the Camino de Santiago. Vocamus Writers Community is a non-profit organization that promotes reading, writing, and publishing in and around the city of Guelph, Ontario.

4:30 – 5:30

Rogues and Rebels
Presenters: Lilian Nattel, Girl at the Edge of the Sky, Antanas Sileika, Provisionally Yours, Susan Swan, The Dead Celebrities Club
Host: Steve Kraft, CEO, Guelph Public Library
Format: Readings and panel discussion
Site: The Cottage
Description: How do writers create characters who are based on real people? With books inspired by a Soviet female fighter pilot, the ‘James Bond’ of Lithuania, and financial criminals from yesterday’s headlines, authors Lilian Nattel, Antanas Sileika and Susan Swan will discuss the research, creativity and responsibility that goes into creating characters and stories inspired by real life rogues and rebels.

Session: In Verse
Presenters: Armand Garnet Ruffo, Treaty #, Lee Maracle, Hope Matters, Garry Thomas Morse, Safety Sand, and Shannon Webb-Campbell, I Am a Body of Land
Host: Kahsenniyo Williams, Spoken Word Artist
Format: Readings
Site: The Mill
Description: Be still, listen, and reflect on the latest poetry collections from some of the country’s most celebrated Indigenous poets: Armand Garnet Ruffo, Lee Maracle, Garry Thomas Morse, and Shannon Webb-Campbell.
This session is supported by The Writers’ Union of Canada. 

Her Story
Presenters: Amy Jones, Every Little Piece of Me, Karen McBride, Crow Winter, Anakana Schofield, Bina
Host: Marie Zimmerman, Executive Director of the Hillside Festival
Format: Readings and panel discussion
Site: The Meadow
Description: Women who’ve had enough. Women stepping up. Women pushing back. Women taking charge. Join Amy Jones, Karen McBride and Anakana Schofield as they discuss the strong female characters in their new novels – characters who are navigating grief, trauma, and loss, making sense of their worlds and finding the strength to take control of their own stories.

MFA Students
Matt W Cook, Evelyna Ekoko-Kay, SaharGolshan, Christine Ottoni, Baņuta Rubess, A. Light Zachary 
Host: Catherine Bush, Novelist and Coordinator of the Creative Writing MFA at University of Guelph/Humber
Site: Rivermead
Description: The University of Guelph offers a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program that nurtures and supports a diverse cast of voices and imaginaries. The program offers unique learning opportunities, including a semester-long mentorship with a professional writer, and the chance to design and teach creative writing workshops in downtown Toronto schools. Settle in and enjoy listening to recent work by these talented aspiring writers. Visit www.uoguelph.ca/arts/cwmfa for more information.