EMWF Kids' Reads

Rock Mammoth
Written by Eveline Payette, Illustrated by Guillaume Perrault
Published by Orca Book Publishers

A book review by Hunter (9) and Jacob (11)


Welcome Hunter and Jacob! What is this book about?

Hunter: The book Rock Mammoth is a fictional, funny history about rock star mammoths. It’s about a boy named Louis, who really wants to be a scientist, who tells a story about how he pretended to be a junior scientist like his hero Voivoden Mamouten, and proposes hypotheses to find the extinct rock mammoth for his “pets at home presentation” at school. His teacher doesn’t believe the story, but his classmates do! The drawings are really adorable, and the rock mammoth turns out to be actually tiny and cute, and not even as big as the teacher.

Jacob: The book is about a kid named Louis who goes on a great hunt for the rock mammoths that disappeared and that he believes were just hiding because of a “mega game of hide-and-seek that went wrong”. After a long search, he ends up finding one that has been hiding in plain sight all along. Then he does an extremely good and VERY LONG report on his pet rock mammoth. His report is entertaining because of all his funny theories and explanations of long words.

What do you like about this book?

Hunter: I like that the book was about a prehistoric animal, because people don’t usually tell stories about prehistoric animals like mammoths, I also liked how Mayonnaise the mammoth in this story turns out to be a rock star and even has a tiny guitar. I also really liked how the book itself looks like a research notebook for school, and the story is told with funny and cool illustrations.

Jacob: I liked how it was funny and had a lot of things that made sense but were obviously not true, like rock mammoths were rock stars and that cave-men chased with “pens for autographs”. Another reason I liked it was because of how it is about mammoths, which are an animal that I like. The illustrations made the book extra funny because it showed what he was talking about in a fun way. The cover was cool because it looked like an exercise book you get at school.

What is your favourite part of the book?

Hunter: My favourite part in Rock Mammoth is at the very end, when Louis surprises his class and takes out Mayonnaise, the tiny, adorable mammoth from backpack, it’s also my favourite illustration in the whole book.

Jacob: I liked the part where he was listing the great things a pet rock mammoth would be. Some of the things were: hide-n-seek buddy, super absorbent mop, and full-sized stuffie. It was my favourite part because it made me laugh.

Why should others read this book?

Hunter: Kids should read this book because it is a fabulous story that will convince you that a scientist named Voivoden Mamouten really existed, and that rock star mammoths were named after him! Eveline Payette’s use of science words really tricks you!

Jacob: They should read it because it is a great book that is funny and will make them laugh. They should also read it because it has lots of true facts and information. The book had helpful diagrams and hilarious illustrations. I was interested in this book because the title suggested that it was about a type of mammoth I didn’t know about and that made me want to read it.

Who would you recommend this book to?

Jacob: I would recommend this book to kids about 8-11 years old because the subject is something those ages will enjoy. I would also recommend it to people who like graphic novels because there are a lot of pictures and speech bubbles, but still lots of text. The book is not too long so you can read it quickly.

What did you like about the illustrations? 

Hunter: The illustrations are really funny, like the one when Louis is explaining how the mammoths drawn in prehistoric cave drawings were being chased by fans with pens wanting autographs – the fans were actually hunters with spears! I also liked the weird diagram of Voivoden Mamouten’s hairless brain! In my favourite illustration at the end of the book I like how all of Louis’s classmates and his teacher’s faces look so shocked, and Louis looks so happy and excited, but Mayonnaise just looks calm and cool with his tiny guitar popping out of the backpack!

If you could ask the author a question, what would it be?

Hunter: I would like to ask the author where the name Voivoden Mamouten came from.

Jacob: Why did you choose to make a book about rock mammoths and not other species of mammoths?

Thank you Hunter and Jacob!