EMWF Kids' Reads

Pride Puppy
Written by Robin Stevenson and illustrated by Julie McLaughlin
Published by Orca Book Publishers

A book review by Cooper (5), Lumi (3) and William (8).


Welcome, Cooper, Lumi and William! Can you tell us about this book?

Cooper: The book is about rainbows and about the dog getting loose.

Lumi: It’s about a doggie that gets lost at the parade. It has ABCs.

William: The book is about the family celebrating Pride.

What do you like about this book?

Cooper: When they get ice cream because I would like to get ice cream.

Lumi: I like Pride Puppy. He’s my favourite. Doggies and horsies are my favourite animals. I have 2 doggies, Stella and Teddy. Stella is my favourite because she is so cuddly and she cuddles on the bed like Pride Puppy. I like the cat, too. Seeing the Grandma made me happy.

William: I like that the alphabet is in the book and you can do a search and find.

What was your favourite part about the story?

Cooper: When they find the doggie.

Lumi: My favourite was when the girl hurts her knee on the sidewalk and her friend helps her. She was holding Pride Puppy’s leash then he ran fast. When I hurt my knee my friend Ruby came to help and got me a band-aid and then we danced. It was funny when Pride Puppy ate the ice cream because dogs aren’t supposed to eat ice cream. They have bones and dog treats.

William: I like when they find the dog.

What do you like about the illustrations?

Cooper: I like the drawings - especially I like the apple on her pajamas.

Lumi: I like pink and purple. I like the girl who looks like Ruby. She has a cat costume on. Grandma read the words so I could find the pictures like pineapple, parrot, pizza and tractor.

William: I like the dog’s bandana and how every page is so colourful.

Why should kids read this book?

Cooper: Because it’s good and kids will learn more about rainbows.

Lumi: It’s my favourite and they would like the doggie.

William: Because it is exciting and about Pride.

If you could ask the author or illustrator any question, what would it be?

Cooper: Did you take art class?

Lumi: Who pushed over the cart with the flowers? What happened to the piece of the pants where the girl ripped them? Why are the people hot? Why don’t some of the dogs have leashes?

William: Did that happen to you for real? Did you go to Pride and did your dog run away?

Thank you Cooper, Lumi and William!