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Robert McGill

Robert McGill’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in magazines including The Atlantic, The Dublin Review, Hazlitt, and The Walrus. He teaches at the University of Toronto. His previous books include two novels, The Mysteries (McClelland & Stewart, 2005) and Once We Had a Country (Knopf Canada, 2013), and two nonfiction books, The Treacherous Imagination (Ohio State University Press, 2013) and War Is Here (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017). Visit him at

Robert McGill is presented with financial assistance from The Canada Council for the Arts through The Writers’ Union of Canada

A Suitable Companion for the End of Your Life
Published by Coach House Books

A bold and absurd new take on the dystopian plague novel, where people are treated like IKEA furniture. Distraught and hopeless, an eighteen-year-old distance runner, Regan, decides to end her life. And she’ll do it through an unusual new method available only on the dark web. Enter Ülle, a woman with amnesia, who will, inadvertently, make Regan’s wish come true.

Soon Ülle begins to remember her past and the outrageous steps her government took to combat a deadly pandemic of parasitic infections, which have brought her to this new country and to Regan’s house. Meanwhile, Regan might be changing her mind, and she finds herself more and more concerned about keeping both Ülle and herself alive. But the shadowy organization that brought them together wants to keep them both quiet – permanently.

A Suitable Companion for the End of Your Life is a darkly comic dystopian tale that probes our anxieties around boundaries, whether territorial or bodily, and our fraught desire not to die alone.

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