Dom Pelletier

Dom — a.k.a Dominique — Pelletier started drawing cartoons at a young age and has never put his crayons down, even while studying graphic communications at Laval University in Quebec City. A lover of the great outdoors, he has planted trees and travelled the world before beginning work as a video game designer. After a fateful meeting at the Quebec Book Fair, Dom teamed up with Éditions Scholastic on their bestselling joke book series. Fifty very funny books later, he has translated his joke book success into the hilarious graphic novel series, The Lunch Club (Les timbre´s). He lives with his wife in Saint-Liboire, Quebec.

Revenge of the Bigfoot (The Lunch Club #4)
By Dominique Pelletier
Published by Scholastic Canada

The Lunch Club takes on Bigfoot! What could go wrong?

When Tia, Leo and Mr. Peabody get invited on a Spring break camping trip with a horology club (that’s the study of time and timepieces, folks!), they simply can’t refuse. The goal? Capture Bigfoot . . . on camera!

When they finally arrive on site, they discover that the “club” is actually a couple of robots. But that’s not the only strange thing that this trip has in store. When Tia gets separated from the others, they set out on a search. Isolated in the woods, the intrepid Lunch Clubbers discover that the Bigfoot is the least of their worries . . .

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