EMWF Kids Reads

Our Little Kitchen
Written and Illustrated by Jillian Tamaki

Published by Groundwood Books

Tie on your apron!
Roll up your sleeves!
Pans are out, oven is hot.
The kitchen’s all ready,
Where do we start?

In this lively, rousing picture book from Caldecott Honoree Jillian Tamaki, a crew of resourceful neighbours come together to prepare a meal for their community. With a garden full of produce, a joyfully chaotic kitchen and a friendly meal shared at the table, Our Little Kitchen is a celebration of full bellies and looking out for one another.

A book review by Abby (8) and Noah (6)


Welcome Abby and Noah! What is this book about?

Abby: The book is about a crazy kitchen.

Noah: A kitchen

What do you like about this book?

Abby: I like when they’re all really crazy.

Noah: It is funny.

What is your favourite part of the story? 

Noah: The recipes

What do you like about the visuals? How do the visuals help to tell the story?

Abby: I like how colourful it is and I think that kids will like it because it’s very bright. The kids are a target audience.

Noah: They’re very good.

Why should other kids read this book?

Abby: Because this book is out of this world and all of these people are so crazy!

Noah: It’s too funny.

If you could ask the author a question, what would it be?

Abby: How long did it take you to make this book?

Noah: When you make books, is it fun?

Thank you Abby and Noah!

Abby and Noah's Comments About Each Page!

  1. Noah: tasty page (vegetable soup)
    Abby: Funny and not so crowded.
  2. Noah: Funny
    Abby: I like the page. It’s good because it’s not too crowded. I also think you should write the letters bigger.
  3. Noah: letters ok (they’re good)
    Abby: It’s nice and again it’s pretty crowded (Every Wednesday, we come together in this little kitchen)
  4. Noah: crowded
    Abby: I like the gardening page! It’s good because we grow stuff at home.
  5. Noah: colourful
    Abby: I like the sweet apple crumble. Very funny.
  6. Noah: good page
    Abby: I like the tacos. Beans all over the place.
  7. Noah: beans are jumping everywhere
    Abby: Very funny and messy. You did a good job.
  8. Noah: They’re cooking very fast.
    Abby: The best page yet. Very funny.
  9. Noah: I think they’re making apple crumble (slice/peel/splash/squish)
    Abby: Very crowded and lots going on.
  10. Noah: This is too noisy. She’s screaming 15 minutes and you can’t scream.
    Abby: Bet that’s lots of noise. (Fifteen minutes!)
  11. Noah: too clean in that room
    Abby: Busy. Many people coming from work.
  12. Noah: confusing
    Abby: You can’t complain, that's a good page.
  13. Noah: She's being worried because they make food for their neighbours and it’s taking a long time and the neighbours are waiting.
    Abby: Lots of salad tonight. I like the bright red.
  14. Noah: I love the page because it looks good and colourful. (Ahhhhhh!)
    Abby: Some people are upset and some are not
  15. Noah: This is too close up.
    Abby: I like the food!
  16. Noah: There’s only one person in the picture. There should be more people.
    Abby: I like that food.
  17. Noah: The thought bubbles are what people are talking about. 
    Abby: I like that page because it looks colourful.
  18. Noah: Nice message (one little kitchen can’t given us all that we need, but…)
    Abby: I like the music playing. (Would you like seconds?)
  19. Noah: no screaming!
    Abby: That’s true clean up. Very good.
  20. Noah: The last page (apple crumble recipe) is tasty. My favourite page.