EMWF Kids' Reads

No More Plastic
Written by Alma Fullerton
Published by Pajama Press

A book review by Lilith (6.5)

Hi Lilith! Can you tell us about this book?

Isley is very sad when she finds out a whale died because it got plastic stuck in its belly, so she creates a sculpture from plastic to remind people of what can happen when there is too much plastic. The book is about making sure there is no more plastic pollution.

What do you like about this book?

This book inspired me to learn more about right whales and plastic pollution.

What was your favourite part of the story?

I loved the part when Isley made a whale out of all the plastic.

What do you like about the illustrations?

Everything. I really liked how pictures of actual plastic were used in the illustrations.

Why should kids read this book?

Kids should read this book because it has a good message about using less plastic.

If you could ask the author or illustrator a question, what would it be?

I would like to know more about how the art was made with the plastic.

Thank you so much, Lilith!

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