EMWF Kids' Reads

Music For Tigers
Written by: Michelle Kadarusman

Published by Pajama Press

A book review by Alex (10) and Hunter (8)


Welcome Alex and Hunter! What is this book about?

Alex: This book is about a girl named Louisa who went to a camp in Tasmania that was run by her uncle names Rufus. She went to the camp because her parents went on a trip to the wetland of southern Ontario to study an endangered species called the Fowler’s toad. The camp Louise is at is to be mined for iron and tin after she leaves. To ship the ore out quickly to Australia they are going to dynamite Convict Rock to build a road. The people of Tasmania are keeping a secret, the Tasmanian Tigers are still alive and in Tasmania. Mining will expose the secret and people will come to Tasmania to see the tigers and destroy their habitat. Louisa is a musician who plays the violin and wants to be a professional violinist when she grows up. While she’s at the camp she practices for her next audition and one of the Tasmanian tigers likes to listen to the music. Before she leaves the camp, Louisa and her Uncle Rufus find some of the tigers and try to move them to a safer hiding space.
Hunter: Music For Tigers is an exciting story about a young girl named Louisa who is a violinist who wants to join the Symphony Orchestra, and has the experience of a lifetime when she travels from Toronto to Tasmania to live with an Uncle she’s never. When she arrives, she finds out the bush camp her Uncle lives in is actually only weeks away from being bulldozed for a mining road. During her adventure Lousia discovers that there might be a Tasmanian tiger attracted to her violin playing, and she, Colin and her Uncle Ruff, put a secret plan together to rescue the tiger before the bulldozers arrive. The book is also about a friendship between two kids, Louisa who has performance anxiety she’s keeping a secret, and Colin who is a lonely neurodiverse kid on the autism spectrum. They both have things they need to work out and help each other do that. The book includes information about Tasmania’s convict history, Tasmanian tigers, and species extinction.

What do you like about this book?

Alex: I really liked this book. The book is fun and interesting to read. There are parts that keep you in suspense. Uncle Rufus had some strange pets that were interesting to read about. I liked that some of the chapters would end leaving me in suspense. I couldn’t wait to keep reading.
Hunter: I liked the fact that the book involved the rescue of extinct and endangered animals in Tasmania, and was also about shy kids who become friends. The author is really good at writing the story so you can imagine the scenes in your head.

What is your favourite part of the story?

Alex: I like the part where they were trying to catch Elli, the Tasmanian tiger because it kind of holds you in suspense to see whether they are going to catch her or not. I was relieved when they caught her. It meant that Louisa and her uncle’s plan worked and the Tasmanian tigers might survive.
Hunter: I had two favourite parts in the book, the first was when the main character Louisa finds herself lost after wandering into the bush at dusk but discovers when she is rescued that she is only a few minutes’ walk from her cabin. I could really imagine how scary it would have been to be lost in the forest filled with “deadlies” and feel the presence of an animal you can’t see watching you. My second favourite part was when Louisa, Colin and Uncle Ruff are trying to capture/rescue the Tasmanian tiger on the haunted Convict Rock in the dark with Lousia’s violin playing.

Why should other kids read this book?

Alex: I think other kids should read this book because it is fun and there are lots of adventures. You can also learn more about Tasmania, the Tasmanian tigers and wildlife.
Hunter: Kids should read this book because it’s an magical story about the possibility of an extinct animal needing to be rescued written in a way that you almost believe it was entirely real; but it’s a fictional story about Tasmanian tigers that no longer exist - or do they? …

Who would you recommend this book to?

Alex: I would recommend this book to my friends at school because they like adventure books and one of my friends likes animals.

If you could ask the author a question, what would it be?

Alex: If I could ask the author any question I think I would ask “what inspired her to write this book?”
Hunter: If I could ask the author a question, I would like to know why are there no illustrations in the book? I so wanted to be sure about what the characters looked like!

Thank you Alex and Hunter!

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