Joy (the small things)

by Kellan MacKenzie

Poetry Contest for Teens Runner-Up, Junior High Category (Grades 9-10)

Joy (the small things)

Dizzy limbs
Soft sloped eyes falling closed
Watch the dew drip
down the car window
Watch the mustard fields dance by
And beyond; sweet pastry clouds
Of a gentle evening

It hides in the smile lines
Like sprawling roots of ancient trees
Can you see beyond the wrinkles?

And the power is out
And the song I was listening to as the wires crashed around us
Is the only song that will load
So we loop it
and sway In time with the dancing candles
Around, around, around
I spend days here, spinning

A spark (connection)

For a breath, the thunder of my head stills
For a breath,
A trickle of rain
The mild morning unfolds

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