EMWF Kids' Reads

I Do Not Like Stories
Written by Andrew Larsen, Illustrated by Carey Sookocheff
Published by Owlkids Books

A book review by Charlotte (6), Elliott (5), and Mason (5)!


Welcome Charlotte, Elliott, and Mason! Can you tell us what this book is about?

Charlotte: The book is about a boy that does not like any stories but stories about cats.

Elliott: This book is about a child who doesn’t like stories. The whole book they say they don’t like stories, but at the end they say they might like a story about a cat.

Mason: The book is about a little boy who doesn’t like stories - the only thing he seems to like is his cat! The little boy doesn’t like things that most kids might like, like airplanes, bikes and outer space. His favourite thing is his black cat and the only story he would like is one about cats.

What do you like about this book?

Charlotte: I liked that the boy enjoyed one story out of all the stories he read.

Elliott: I like that this book talks about lots of kinds of stories. I also like that they learn to change their mind at the end of the book.

Mason: I like that this book is about a little boy just like me - who likes his cat. If I had a cat, I would probably like my cat as much as the little boy in the story loves his cat.

What was your favourite part of the story?

Charlotte: My favourite part was when the boy said, “I like stories about cats.” Because we have two cats.

Mason: My favourite part of the story is when the author surprises us with the monster in the closet!! It was just the little boy’s cat, but that part was exciting!

What do you like about the illustrations?

Charlotte: I like the pictures of the cats because they are funny.

Elliott: I like that the visuals look like pictures from a comic book. The visuals help to tell the story because they show exactly what the child is talking about.

Mason: I like that the illustrations are on every page and that there are lots of pictures to help tell the story. I also like that the cat is on almost every page!

Why should kids read this book?

Charlotte: Kids should like the book because it teaches you a lesson that you don’t have to like all the books, but you might like one of them.

Elliott: Other kids should read this book because it teaches you that you might think you don’t like something, but you might actually like it after all. It also encourages other kids to like stories.

Mason: I think that kids should read this book because it is very good and most kids will like it. Kids will like that this book is easy to read and many kids will be able to read this book without help from a grown up.

If you could ask the author a question, what would it be?

Charlotte: Why does the boy not like any books but ones about cats?

Elliott: I would ask the author, “Why did you want to make this book?” I wonder why the author had the idea for this book.

Mason: I would ask the author if this book is about a real boy and his cat. I am curious to know how they came up with this idea for a book.

Thank you Charlotte, Elliott and Mason!