They Say They Know Me

by Hafsah Satia

How can you say you know me,
When you’ve only seen the color of my skin,
And not the untamed world i hide,
That’s growing deep within,
You never hear the sound when my ribs squeak,
Behind each tangled vine,
Or swam deep down the depths of the waterfall,
That plummets down my spine,
You’ve not been here long enough,
To watch a new life bloom,
You haven’t ascended the branches,
There are swaddles around each lung,
Swaying past the breezes,
That simultaneously past my tongue,
Let’s not forget the clots of blood that swirl around,
To prevent unexpected strangers to rummage the land left un- found,
Don’t you dare mark me with your footprints,
If you pluck up the courage to leave soon,
And only want to know me,
When my plants and creatures start to bloom,
Because the songs of the birds might be pretty,
No that is not for you they sing,
And if you ever have the thought that my winter is too cold,
You won’t be worthy of my spring,
But I’ll need a friend more than one or two,
You want be a wayfaring Traveller,
We’ll be trudging down roads,
Hoping, wishing, praying,
Someone will come and share our load,
There’s butterflies on our shoulders,
And there’s marshmallows protecting our feet,
We dream the wildest of thoughts,
And enjoy the warming summer heat,
Sometimes we find somebody,
Who is going our way too,
And while they skip beside us,
The sky becomes more blue,
If you reach an intersection,
It’s where your life will lead you,
So don’t give up hoping,
You won’t reach a dead end,
It’s only just really a bend,
And those other roads are different,
Doesn’t mean yours is wrong,
So pick yourself back up again,
And just keep walking on.