The World is a Clock, but Clocks can be Out of Time

by Exsanguine Hart

Bring me all of your collective energy
Into the dusk that creaking, hides the day from me
Surround me with it, and your share of agony
This threshold to the night that I’ve embraced
Why must all people judge so unconditionally?
Shy back into the light to shy away from me?
See hate so blindly, yet live life so airily,
Without an answer for the things they’ve changed?
And so repress each watt of their own energy,
12 for the brain, as if you’d ever care to ask me
Not understand that actions live on permanently
In their diurnal cycle of conformity
Reject the balance! strive for uniformity
Surrender everything you ever wished to be
Inside the clockwork that shapes your fragility,
Delete your dark, but give it to your enemy
That clock at night that you never openned your soul to see
It warps itself, the witching hour and me,
Consuming each string of energy that you never thought to devour.