Elianna Wylie is an 11-year-old self-published author in grade 6. She is the author of The Rebels, part of the Freedom Isn’t Free series, and Survivor Pack, both of which are available on Amazon. Elianna lives in Guelph, Ontario.

Survivor Pack

Elianna Wylie

I hope that I can be an inspiration for all of the other kids who want to write a book, but think they’re too young, or not experienced enough.

What inspired you to write this book? How did you come up with the idea of writing about wolf packs specifically?

The book Survivor Pack was inspired by a game I played with three of my friends in grades four through five. We had called ourselves Survivor Pack, and each of our characters had a unique fur colour. I made many wonderful memories playing this game, and, after we had ended it, wanted to have a way to remember the great times. And so, the book was born. At first, I made the book follow as closely to the game as possible, but after the first few chapters, Survivor Pack veered off from the original game, and, by the end of it, the novel was completely different from our game. I am still happy with how it turned out.

What is the best thing about being a young, published author?

I find it very cool how I’ve found something I’m good at, and what I hope I can do for a living at such a young age, when many others don’t know what they want to do. As well, I hope that I can be an inspiration for all of the other kids who want to write a book, but think they’re too young, or not experienced enough. But, since I’m a kid, too, I hope I can show them that anyone can write. It’s also fun (and sometimes embarrassing) when people come up to me and compliment me on my books. 

Is there a message you’re hoping to communicate to your readers through this story?

The answer is actually no. When I was writing Survivor Pack, I just wanted to create something to remember the fun game I played with my friends. You could, although, take a message from it, maybe something like bravery, perseverance, or loyalty.

What was the most challenging part of writing this book?

I think it was, at the beginning, when I was still trying to follow the plot line of Survivor Pack the game, because it had been finished months prior, and we had changed how the game had started multiple times, so I couldn’t remember exactly how it began. But, after I had decided to not follow the exact plot line of the game, I found it was smooth sailing, aside from a few minor writer’s blocks.

What can readers look forward to next?

There are multiple books close to coming out. The one to look forward to first is A New Leader, which is the sequel to The Rebels, and the second book in the Freedom Isn’t Free series. The book is in the final stages of publishing. After that is Daughter Of The Sky, which I am writing with my friend. We are close to completing the story, but it will not be coming out until August at the earliest. I have two other books that I am currently working on: Quested, and The Watchers. But those two aren’t coming out anytime soon.

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