Eidetic Summer Memory

by Susie Malina

Poetry Contest for Teens Winner, Senior High Category (Grades 11-12)

Eidetic Summer Memory

As I walk through Mosquito Hollow from Rail Trail,

My mind echos the voices of campers who scamper

In the shallow waters of Blue Springs Stream.

“What’s the crayfish count, today?”

A chill runs down my spine while I carefully step across the broken boards of
Boyscout Bridge.

The tall grass tickles my leg

On the short stretch to the Water’s Edge.

Sitting on the dock

Watching the water ripple,

Eyes peeled for signs of the old Snapper.

My mind’s eyes see slow strokes slipping through the waters of Scotia Pond.

Gunshots call me back from the drift of summer memories,

A call to Edgewood lives on.

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