2021 Fundraising Campaign Donors

We are grateful to all of our donors for their contributions to our 2021 festival. Thank you to those listed below, as well as the many others who have contributed anonymously.


Emerald Foundation

Michael Barnstijn and Louise MacCallum

HarperCollins Canada

Knar Jewellery

Penguin Random House Canada



Jeanne Lys

Simon & Schuster Canada


Helene Duguay

Peter Grimaldi


Valerie Anderson

Lise Betteridge

Julie Byczynski

Alice Carey

Lynn Conway

Anouchka Freybe

John Gould

Richard Harrop

Wendolyn Hodgson

Heather Johnston

Richard Lay

Anne MacKay

Joy Roberts and Douglas McMullen,
in honour of Shawn van Sluys

Marnie Mellish

Tara Patey

Barb Powell

Heather Sheehan

L Deborah Sword

Robyn Stewart


Valerie Anderson

Marilyn Baxter

Glen Benison

Susan Corke

Susan Cross

Azadeh Joulaie

John Liss

Karen Lowe

Thomas MacInnes

Carrie Nethery

Susan Reynolds

Karen Ridley

Judy Rose

Carmelinda Scian

Monthly Donors

Marguerite Campbell


Janice Falls

Sarah Fine

Vicki Frederick

Maureen Harris

Ann Holmes

Maureen Hynes

Elizabeth Koblyk

Donald Leitch

Barbara Pulling