by Dev Pandya

Ants, building their hill from scratch
The queen contemplates, as her subjects spend their every breath in her
All for the sake of reproduction, for evolution, for all of ant-kind
No questions, no answers just followers
Inequality, it was inflicted on by the community but obeyed by the people
Males continued to educate while the females toiled
Forced to believe only what the majesty spoke of,
Etched in stone, proclaimed across the land: “Thou who dawn the cloak of
obsidian shall only serve one being; the hwits”
Utopia far from now, riots flood the streets of every town
Needing vengeance, a way to force them to atone for all our pains
A world that some may say was never plausible
Despite here we stay, on a land cursed by pain
But no matter what…
Rainbows still form after the thunder,
The lighting,
And especially the rain