Adam Lindsay Honsinger

Adam Lindsay Honsinger is a Guelph-based writer, teacher and illustrator. His short fiction has been published in several literary journals including Descant, Exile Quarterly, and PRISM International. He has twice been nominated for The Journey Prize and his story “Silence” won Silver at the National Magazine Awards. His novel Gracelessland was published in 2015. He is reading from his new collection of short stories, Somewhere North of Normal (Enfield & Wizenty, 2018).

Marianne Micros

Marianne Micros is the author of two poetry collections, Upstairs Over the Ice Cream (Ergo, 1979) and Seventeen Trees (Guernica, 2006), as well as poems and short fiction in anthologies and journals. She has also published scholarly articles on Renaissance and contemporary subjects and a bibliographical monograph on Al Purdy. Marianne’s suite of poems Demeter’s Daughters was shortlisted for the Gwendolyn MacEwen poetry competition in 2015 and published in Exile Quarterly. She is reading from her new collection of short stories, Eye (Guernica, 2018).

Jerry Prager

Jerry Prager is a heritage and landscape stone worker by trade. He is the author of three volumes on the Calabrian mafia of Guelph, Legends of the Morgeti;several books of poetry; and a three volume series on fugitive slaves in Wellington County: Laying the Bed, Exodus and Arrival, and Blood in the Mortar. He is reading from his new novella, Hood’s Lake Landing (2018), the first in a series of six books.