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Alina in a Pinch

Written by Shenaaz Nanji
Published by Second Story Press

A book review by Ginger (6)

Alina in a Pinch

“I like all the cultures that this book describes.”

Hi Ginger! Can you tell us what this book is about?

This book is about a girl named Alina that moves to a new neighbourhood in Calgary. Alina’s love of cooking makes her want to enter a cooking contest. Her problem is that someone left a mean note about her grandmother’s Indian cooking that disturbed her. She starts making friends that support her in her new school. Alina tries (with the help of her friends) to discover who wrote the mean note, and she eventually finds out who wrote it.

What do you like about this book?

I like all the cultures that this book describes. At the international festival, the students get to express their cultures.

What is your favourite part of the story?

The chapter “The Cat’s out of the Bag” was my favourite part. Alina solves her problems because she speaks up.

What do you like about the illustrations?

I like how this book blends normal shading and pointillism. I learned about pointillism at school.

Why should kids read this book?

I think kids should read this book because it’s very informative about culture and that you should express it if you enjoy it. You should not hide what you like just because other people don’t agree with it.

If you could ask the author or illustrator a question, what would it be?

I would ask the author how they came with the topic of this book and all of the characters’ cultures.

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