2022 Poetry Contests for Children and Teens Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Poetry Contests for Children and Teens!

In celebration of our return to an in-person festival, the theme of our contest this year was Joy.

Thank you to the Wellington County Library for co-presenting this contest, and to library staff Sofia Kowal and Kelly Rodrigues for acting as our 2022 contest judges.

Read the winning poems by clicking on the links below.

Primary (Grades 1-3)
Winner: Sequoia Hill-Henry, “Paradise
Runners Up:
Scarlett Landers, “The Piano
Adia Ross, “Under the Stars with Animals
Lilith Carson,Poppy

Junior (Grades 4-6)
Winner:Veda McEwan Hosken, “My Joy
Runners Up:
Samantha Gamage, “The Lottery Mix-up
Isabel Ye, “Eclipse
Sarah Somesan, “Hugging Mom
Intermediate (Grades 7-8)
Winner: Maya Irean, “Joy
Runners Up:
Mairead McEwan Hosken, “If you asked…
Tori Gayman, “Dance
Junior High (Grades 9-10)
Winner: Lizzie Hentschel, “November Chills
Runners Up:
Isabella Wossen, “Three Letters, One Word
Kellan MacKenzie,Joy (The Small Things)
Senior High (Grades 11-12)
Winner: Susie Malina, “Eidetic Summer Memory
Runners Up:Callista Pitman,I wait at the bus stop on the first good morning in a while
Bronwen Tani, “Measure of Delight
Vanessa Boyce, “Such a Little Beautiful Thing

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