EMWF Kids & Teens: Book Reviews

The EMWF invites young readers to review our festival books for kids. If you are a young person (or know one) who would be interested in reviewing books for our newsletter please email [email protected]. Books will be provided!

Join us for Forest of Reading Comes to Guelph! on May 11, 2019 at Guelph Public Library – Main Library
with authors Jess Keating, Deborah Kerbel, Jean Little and illustrator Joe Weissmann

Harry’s Hiccups

by Jean Little, illustrated by Joe Weissmann
Reviewed by Jasper, 5 years old

So Jasper, what’s this book about?
He hiccuped! And then his dad said drink some water, nine swallows without breathing.  Um, then he tried it (laughs) and he still hiccuped.

What do you like about the story?
I like when he talks to a frog, then the frog has the hiccups.

Is that your favourite part?

What do you like about the illustrations?
When they were sticking their fingers in their ears and they crossed their eyes and they sticked their tongue out and they put the heads in their legs and hummed Mary had a little lamb. (Laughs. Acts it out. Sings Mary had a little lamb. Silliness ensues.)

Okay, so why should kids read this book?
Cause it’s funny!

If you could ask the author or illustrator a question, what would it be?
How did you make the book?

And why do you think kids should read books?
Cause. Don’t watch TV the whole day.

Thanks Jasper!