Chainlink Fence

by Tasman Webb-Agpar

I am a part of something unbreakable, though it’s something hard to see.
Something founded by these children with some hopes and grass-stained knees.
We climb over the chain-link fence to outrun reality.
We go through all our phases, and we all have all our doubts,
But there’s nothing that we don’t have that we couldn’t do without.
We live off the wild, and crumbs of mountain wind,
We’re each more than a child, we’re much stronger within.
We climb over the chain-link fence into the world of dreams.
Here there’s nothing broken, nothing more than our own souls’ mismatched seams.

I was a part of something broken, something never meant to be 
something founded by some children with some hopes and grass-stained knees.
We climbed over the chain-link fence to escape reality.
Even after things started to fracture, I only saw the bright.
I thought it was only human to have our share of different sights.
I know this is too much pain to feel ‘bout the never meant to be,
And I can’t let all this blind me to other things I could see.
Even now, I don’t really know 
If it was right to let this go.
But I know it wasn’t meant to be
For there’s no special place for you or for me.

Now I walk to the chain-link fence that leads back to the land of our dreams.
I sit there by the thing once used to escape reality.
This time I seem all alone. There’s nothing much to see.
Long ago they cleared away our forest, but still I hope to see
The portal that we all used once to escape reality.
Now I climb over a chain-link fence,
Though not with you this time.
When I see our world,
I am speechless, hence
A childish kind of rhyme.

Now I’m sitting by a chain-link fence and staring at my knees.
Hoping to still see dragons here, like we once did with young-eyed ease.
I have to squint to see them, have to focus really hard,
But I still see our friends where we left them, where our favourite stones are charred.
Even though all this has fractured, I can still see bits of bright.
Let’s open the windows to the soul, clear the dust and let in light.
When a thousand things are lost, you know there’s millions still to be found,
I run my fingers over our magic moss, at home here safe and sound.