Volunteer Profile: Wendy Smith

Wendy Smith is an Eden Mills resident and long-time volunteer

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I found my home through the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival, both literally and figuratively! I first came to the festival as an attendee in 1993 and was in awe of this charming little village that could host this unique festival. What was this place? Who were these people who so generously opened up their homes and gardens to writers and readers? I was enchanted. I felt I had come ‘home’. In 1995, when we were looking to relocate, Eden Mills was the only choice and has been home ever since.

What motivates you to volunteer?
Originally, it was a desire to connect and contribute to the festival but that soon extended to connecting with the community as a whole. I’ve made lifelong friends through the EMWF and I love helping to spread the word about new authors.

How long have you volunteered for the EMWF?
Over 20 years (gulp) in varying capacities.

What does your volunteer role entail?
I’ve done a bit of everything. Most recently I’ve enjoyed doing the golf-cart ‘gig’. It’s fun to meet the attendees and share views on books and authors, and to welcome them to the festival.

Would you recommend volunteering at the EMWF?
Wholeheartedly! It’s a great organization with a huge soul and dedicated folks. There are so many different opportunities to volunteer. You can try something new each year. We raised our family volunteering here and, as adults, the kids have all come back to both attend and volunteer at the festival.

In your opinion, what makes the EMWF special?
There isn’t one single thing… it’s all special! But the fact that writing and reading can be ‘festive’ warms my heart. It’s so essential to promote diverse thoughts and perspectives, and the writers’ fest is a buffet of yummy food for thought.

Can you share a memorable moment from the festival?
I remember Paul Quarrington in the author’s green room. Here is this accomplished person—Governor General Award winner, filmmaker, playwright, author and musician, and he joked about feeling like he didn’t belong with the other authors!

Thank you Wendy!

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