Volunteer Position Descriptions

As a volunteer, you’ll have a 2-3 hour time commitment to the festival, in addition to pre-festival training. Training sessions will take place in August and will be approximately one hour long. We’re so thankful for your commitment and support! As a volunteer, you will be able to attend the festival for free, and there will be time for you to enjoy our full range of programming either before or after your shift. We also provide volunteers with snack and/or meal vouchers for our Food Court.

Set up
Volunteers will aid with set up of the festival, from Thursday to Sunday.  This job is perfect for introverts and handy people!

  • Tasks: set up of tents, tables, chairs and other equipment for the festival
  • Skills: comfortable working with your hands; comfortable lifting heavy objects; comfortable setting up tents
  • Qualifications: experience with physical labour is an asset

Site Supervisor
Site Supervisors are responsible for one of our six reading sites.

  • Tasks: communicate with authors and introducers so they understand the reading arrangements of the set (i.e., sequence of authors, time allocated, panel discussions etc.); ensure that authors arrive early to sets; ensure that site conditions are adequate for the audience and authors; keep sets running on time (arrange to signal authors when there is 5 mins to go); sound check for each set; sound reinforcement: make necessary adjustments to microphone, amplifier, loudspeakers; ask the audience if they can hear clearly before a set
  • Skills: organized, friendly, and feel comfortable dealing with sound tech and other people.
  • Qualifications: experience working with sound tech is an asset

Assistant Site Supervisor
Assistant Site Supervisors report to the Site Supervisors at one of our reading sites, and help to keep our reading sites safe and inviting for guests. Being present at the reading sites is an added bonus!

  • Tasks: supporting the Site Supervisor with assisting the authors finding their sets in advance; make sure that the authors have a place to sit and are comfortable; assist with the sound check for each set
  • Skills: organized, friendly, and feel comfortable dealing with sound tech and other people.
  • Qualifications: experience working with sound tech is an asset

Welcome Gate
Our volunteers at the Welcome Gate are the first point of contact for visitors arriving at the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival! These volunteers are in charge of ticket transactions and providing a positive introduction for visitors at our Festival.

  • Tasks: make accurate cash transactions and change; security of tickets and cash at all times; direct patrons when asked; make radio requests when required; provide wristbands to visitors
  • Skills: friendly, outgoing, able to think on your feet, able to problem-solve, do quick math and handle money, communicate clearly, and interested in working with people.
  • Qualifications: must be over 18 years of age; previous experience handling cash transactions is an asset; previous experience providing customer service is an asset

Golf Cart Jockey
A golf cart jockey helps transport writers and patrons to and from different areas of the festival. In this position you spend the day outside, driving around the beautiful village of Eden Mills.

  • Tasks: transport patrons safely to and from destinations; recharge golf cart when not in use; respond to radio requests for assistance; help out with other tasks as assigned
  • Skills: friendly, feel comfortable carrying a conversation, a people person.
  • Qualifications: must be 18 years or over, have and provide valid proof of G license; previous experience in customer service is an asset; previous experience volunteering at a festival is an asset

Info Booth Attendant
An Information Booth Attendant provides directions and info to patrons during the day. You are a key part of giving patrons an easy and positive experience at our festival.

  • Tasks: Handing out festival material as needed; being familiar with the festival schedule and the map of Eden Mills; answer questions and provide directions.
  • Skills: friendly and outgoing; excellent communication; ability to think on your feet and answer odd questions; an eagerness to help others
  • Qualifications: previous experience providing customer service is an asset, as is previous experience at the Eden Mills Writer’s Festival.

Floaters are ready and willing to fill any role and provide assistance with the festival!

  • Tasks: aiding other volunteers wherever needed
  • Skills: Have a can-do attitude, be easily adaptable, friendly, and outgoing. Understanding of the festival layout and values is expected.
  • Qualifications: previous experience in customer service is an asset, as is previous experience volunteering at a festival

Audience Engagement
This is a new and exciting role for anyone who loves talking to people. You will be engaging directly with patrons and helping us gather demographics information from festival attendees using survey questions.

  • Tasks: engaging with patrons about our festival survey; collecting demographic information (where guests heard about our festival, etc.)
  • Skills: friendly and very outgoing; good communication skills; able to deal with a variety of personalities
  • Qualifications: previous customer service experience is an asset

Our Face-Painters work exclusively in the children’s area, and bring joy to our young attendees through face paint. For lots of kids, getting their face painted is an exciting part of their experience at our festival. Please note that we are looking for high school students in need of volunteer hours to fill this role.

  • Tasks: painting festival attendees’ faces in the children’s area; monitoring the face painting station; keep track of the face painting materials
  • Skills: A love of children is a plus! Must be friendly, know how to speak to children, comfortable and able to provide face paint drawings when asked.
  • Qualifications: previous experience with children is an asset, as is a love of art