Sara and the Search for Normal—Activity and Contest

Wesley King joins us on July 7 to talk about his new middle-grade novel, Sara and the Search for Normal. A prequel to the beloved OCDaniel, the novel explores mental health from inside the mind of an 11 year old living with depression, anxiety, Bipolar disorder, and other neurodiversities.

We hope that you love Sara as much as we do, and we want you to participate in the event with us. Complete one of the activities below and email it to [email protected] to be entered in a draw for a copy of the book, and your artwork may be featured at the event!

Option 1:
In the book, Sara shares her love of whales, and describes her bedroom this way: “My room was an underwater library. It was literally designed to calm me down. The walls were blue and the trim was painted with orcas jumping out of the water. There were framed pictures of dolphins and even a great white shark beside my desk. That probably wouldn’t calm down most people, but from straight on they look like they are smiling.”

Complete a drawing that depicts what you imagine Sara’s room to look like, or a drawing that uses shapes and colours to represent how Sara’s room makes her feel.

Option 2:
In the book, Sara describes her panic attacks with vivid imagery that allow us to understand what she’s experiencing. Create a drawing inspired by one of the quotes below using shapes, lines, colours or collage (it’s up to you!) to represent the feelings described.

  • “My throat closed and went dry. My head spun and my brain cried out for help. It screamed, “Run!” and “Hide!” and “Freeze!” My stomach turned and my heart pounded so loudly it was all I could hear, and I couldn’t shout out because I had no air.”
  • “I could feel my heart pounding now. I had to finger my pulse. False Alarm for sure. My breath was short, stomach clenched, skin fiery. I could feel myself drifting away.”

Email entries to [email protected] by July 3 at 5:00 p.m.