The Siren

by Olivia Gyuran

He heard a song, the sound of the sea.  
Heard its heartbeat, its majestic melody.
A song that rose and crashed and flowed 
And so, the sailor, on he rode.

Sailed into the frothing, wrathful ocean,
As the little boat shook in the power of its motion.
And as he rocked from side to side,
He heard a dangerous, charming chide;

“Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a choice?”
Crooned the enchanting, luring voice,

“A choice to burn, a choice to fly,
A choice to live, a choice to die?”
And heedless of the blackening sky,
He plowed towards the stormy eye.

The sailor followed the promising song
And as he saw her, his heart did long.
But he only saw her golden hair
As she dragged her prey into her lair.

And as she pulled him into the deep,
The sailor fell into a soundless sleep.
On her face grew a wicked grin,
Revealing the murderous monster within.

And to the depths his heart returned,
While the ocean tossed and churned.

From this day as legend goes,
Respect the sea and all its foes.