Author Profile: Lana Button (Children’s Author)

By Helen Kubiw, May 2018

With the wonderful name of Lana Button, Lana was destined to be a children’s book author. Born in St. Stephen, New Brunswick and trained in theatre, performing on TV, film and stage, Lana Button’s road to children’s writing may seem an oblique one but when she wrote her first, Willow’s Whispers (Kids Can Press, 2010), Lana Button, children’s author, had arrived.

Willow’s Whispers gives volume to quiet children whose voices are too often silenced by those who are louder and more demanding. While many, many picture books focus on the antics of the silly and exacting, that first Willow book–there are three to date, all illustrated by Tania Howells–celebrates the thoughtful and introverted children who speak up when needed. Its sequel Willow Finds a Way (Kids Can Press, 2013) also challenges children to stand up to injustice, here against a little girl who wields birthday party invitations as the incentive to get others to do her bidding. Lana Button’s most recent Willow book is Willow’s Smile (Kids Can Press, 2016) which centers on the shy child’s worries about contriving a smile for her school’s picture day. But, as in all the Willow books, Lana Button promotes the idea of self-acceptance and resilience, and Willow is able to reassure herself that the smile she lets shine will be a true reflection of self.

Lana Button, who lives in Burlington, Ontario, recently launched her newest picture book, My Teacher’s Not Here! (Kids Can Press, 2018) which is illustrated by Christine Battuz. As with her Willow books, Lana Button addresses an issue which is significant to kindergarteners. The unexpected appearance of a substitute teacher may throw Kitty’s day off but, with a little time and perseverance, she realizes that it is not the disaster she expected it to be.

Bring your little ones to the children’s venue on September 9 to hear a reading by Lana Button, a children’s author whose delightful books provide worthwhile life lessons for our youngest school children whose worries are all their own and need to see that solutions are at hand.