Brain Boggling Blankness

by Luci Trento

A far away place, too far for our eyes to see,
A brain-boggling blankness holds the place we be.

                                         With eight planets, big small.
                                          All with the brightest smiles of all.

With stars that were ounce bright,
Turn as dark as the sky at night,

                            With red, purple, blues and white all blended together,
                                 Makes our solar system seem a little bit better.

Are aliens soaring out there?
What do we know? what do we care?

                                                Black holes roaring with death,
                                                 Don’t you worry, take a breath,

Nebulas are the paintbrush in a hand,
Create a place more beautiful than land.,

                                            Space crafts coming in each way
                                Coming in at ten thousand miles per hour each day.

Our place where we will always be,
A place we may never see.

                                           Our brain boggling blankness is our home,
                                            It’s the place we will always roam.