by Jessika Nahanzon

you are everything divine.
from the sensation of your pink silken top
against my fingertips, to the slow pour of honey 
onto a pristine spoon. so lovely had the sun
reflected golden light which danced like rabbits.

it wasn’t until your walk in the forest.
did the shadow of leaves waltz down your face
with every little step upon flower-laced trails,
every soft gasp your rose petal lips exhaled
at the beauty of things. the beauty of him.

all it took was a glance.
as with everyone else, this felt especially different
and it was. a new type of adventure to rob you
of your saccharine breath, a new type of blade
to carve a new slice of heart.

and then it happened.
immaculate silver now gleamed with burgundy,
staining cotton and dripping on the blossoms
as though a warm rain. forgiveness was instant
for you blamed not him but love itself.

the stars framed you perfectly.
whilst ichor leaked from wilting lips, eyes fluttered
closed like butterfly wings. no struggle, all ecstasy.
intoxicated by passion– the soft, stabbing cruelty,
you had whispered saintly for the last time,

you were everything divine.