by Jessica Young

You remind me of a free spirit, your fluff floating gracefully in the breeze,
Almost as if you were dancing daintily to a hidden beat,
Only your kind could hear. 
I’ve watched you travel the world, sleeping in my backyard, 
Wilting in the shadows that deceive and swallow you whole.

You sway in the wind,
Little seeds discreetly concealed by the white fluff surrounding them,
Making you look like a miniscule regal queen,
With a crown of white flowers made real by the cloudlike fluff.      

When someone blows their wishes away on your seeds,
Do you carry them across the globe, 
Across the infinite miles and through the pale blue canvas we call sky,
Never to be granted,
Just one in the limitless galaxy of dreams forgotten and hopes lost,
That will never be discovered,
Buried under centuries of childhood memories that you whisked away?

I want to know, Dandelion,
Do you have your own wishes too?
Do you ever wish that you could be that little child in front of you,
About to tell you a secret only you can know,
Leaving you with only a snapshot, 
A glimpse of what it would be like to live a life you’ve never lived?

Let me make one last wish, ask one last question,
Before the sweet memories of childhood leave my lips and escape my heart, 
only to be forgotten forevermore in the tiny seeds that you carry so tenderly,
Reborn in a new world, 
A new continent, 
New home…
Will you lose my wishes as you lost the others too?