EMWF’s Fall Fiction Preview

You may start to see the weather cool down, but the fall literary season is just beginning to heat up! We look forward to bringing together some of Canada’s finest writers and dedicated readers from all over at this year’s Eden Mills Writers Festival. From a few long-time favourites and some new voices, here is a selection of remarkable new releases that will be featured at this year’s festival on Sunday, September 8.

Watching You Without Me by Lynn Coady
Published by House of Anansi Press

With her first work of fiction since the Scotiabank Giller Prize-winning Hellgoing, Lynn Coady’s latest is an unsettling yet wholly compelling novel about complex familial relationships and trust. After her mom’s sudden death, protagonist Karen finds herself back in her childhood home to act as full-time caregiver to her older sister, Kelli, who was born with a developmental disability. Overwhelmed with grief, guilt, and feelings of isolation, Karen turns to someone who seems trustworthy at first but may have more sinister plans than meets the eye.

“Coady is a writer who increasingly commands attention and respect.”
The Globe and Mail on Coady’s Hellgoing

Akin by Emma Donoghue
Published by HarperCollins Publishers

Noah is only days away from his first trip back to Nice since he was a child when a social worker calls looking for a temporary home for Michael, his eleven-year-old great-nephew. Though he has never met the boy, he gets talked into taking him along to France. Although the unlikely pair begin their journey at odds with one another, they begin to find common ground as they uncover some troubling details about their family’s past. Her first contemporary novel since Room, Emma Donoghue’s newest effort is a funny, heart-wrenching, and heart-warming story about two people who find they are more akin than they knew.

“Well crafted, and absorbing.”
– Kirkus reviews

The Difference by Marina Endicott
Published by Knopf Canada

From one of our most beloved authors comes a sweeping new novel based on a true story. Thea and Kay are half-sisters, closely connected despite their age difference of almost 20 years, who find themselves sailing through the south pacific after the death of their father. When Thea forms a bond with a young boy from a remote island and takes him on board as her own son, the repercussions of this act force Kay to examine her own assumptions which are increasingly at odds with those of society around her. In The Difference, Endicott once again brilliantly brings past worlds vividly to life while revealing the moral complexity of our own.

“[The Difference is] a beautiful book, so lovely in its graveness, and in its comedy… The cut of the prose is so keen and the happenings are so finely wrought that it contorts where it can’t help but contort, around the places where unanswerable grief comes into our lives.”
— bestselling author Helen Oyeyemi

Crow Winter by Karen McBride
Published by Harper Avenue

Hazel Ellis keeps dreaming of an old crow. In these dreams, the crow says he is here to help her, save her. But from what? Karen McBride’s compelling debut is set in Hazel’s home of Spirit Bear Point First Nation, where old magic that crosses the boundaries between this world and the next is stirring and her family is at risk of complete destruction. With the help of Nanabush – trickster, storyteller, shape-shifter – Hazel will face the grief she has yet to reconcile over the loss of her father in order to unravel a web of deceit and save herself and her home.

“Full of spirit, love, mystery and good medicine… Karen McBride’s debut novel ambitiously and successfully balances all these things creating a world and story that will stay with you after you have turned that last page.”
– award-winning author Katherena Vermette

The Ticking Heart by Andrew Kaufman
Published by Coach House Books

Much like his cult hit All My Friends Are Superheroes, Andrew Kaufman’s new book is a tender but brutal look at love and life. After sharing a cab ride with an eccentric stranger, protagonist Charlie finds him trapped in Metaphoria, sitting behind the only desk at the Epiphany Detective Agency, with a time bomb in place of his heart. Put there by his first client as motivation, Charlie has only 24 hours to find her husband’s missing heart before his own explodes. A modern fable filled with joy, humour, and melancholy, The Ticking Heart is a novel that readers will want to return to again and again.

“There are very few Canadian authors, other than Sheila Heti, Yann Martel and occasionally Atwood, willing to submerge that deeply into magic. His prose is so refreshingly heartfelt and natural that he makes it easy to believe.”
The Coast on Kaufman’s Small Claims

A detailed schedule of readings, interviews, and panel discussions – featuring these authors and many more – can be found here. We look forward to seeing you very soon!