Get to Know Eileen Cook 

What book did you read as a child that you remember fondly? 
The Phantom Tollbooth is a favorite for certain and I secretly hope someday to become BFFs with Judy Blume.

Best advice you’ve ever been given? (can be about writing or otherwise)
The best writing advice came from Canadian storyteller/writer Ivan Coyote. I’d expressed that I was scared to send my writing out and face rejection. Ivan said to me: You’re already not published. The worst thing that will happen to you is that you still won’t be published. That was my aha moment. I realized that I might try and fail to publish a book, but that if I didn’t try I would for certain fail. 

Worst advice you’ve ever been given? (can be about writing or otherwise)
There’s no point in trying to be a writer, no one makes a living.

What’s next on your reading list?
It’s a tie between Kate Morton’s The Clockmaker’s Daughter and Robyn Harding’s The Arrangement.

Could you please take a photo of something in your office and tell us the story behind it? 
This is a vintage typewriter that sits in my office. When I was a kid I used to “play writer” on my grandfather’s old typewriter and I’ve loved them ever since. This one was a correspondent’s typewriter from WWI and it folds up into the smallest box you can imagine. I love it.  The painting is from Washington artist, Constance Mears

What sparked the idea for You Owe Me a Murder?
I am a huge fan of Patricia Highsmith’s writing and I also have a love for old black and white movies. When I re-read Strangers on a Train I was motivated to write a YA version, looking at how toxic friendships can impact on things. 

Eileen Cook is the author of You Owe Me a Murder and will be appearing at Festival Sunday on Sunday September 8, 2019.