Position Title: Dish Cyclists

Overview: A Dish Cyclists is part of the behind of the scène team at the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival and supports our clean environment initiatives on the day of the festival.

Location: Eden Mills, Ontario

Roles and Responsibilities

Overview of the tasks for the position of a Dish Cyclists

  • Collect and transport dishes
  • Wear gloves during your shift
  • Other tasks as assigned

Time Commitment: 2 to 3 hour commitment during the day of the festival

Position Commitment: If accepted as a volunteer, you are required to show up on time for your shift on the day of the festival and complete all required tasks to the best of  your ability.


  • Enjoys completing behind the scenes type of work
  • Physical ability to transport a load of dishes on a bike

Benefits of a Dish Cyclist

  • Enjoy the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival for free after your volunteer shift
  • Receive personal satisfaction knowing that you contributed to the success of the festival

Training and Orientation: To carefully read over all pre-festival email instructions sent by the Volunteer Coordinator

Responsible to: Jeff Zeffer, Volunteer Coordinator of the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival