Within Silence

By Rashmeet Kaur

It’s strange the way alone feels
In the midst of a bustling crowd
The feeling of a yawning emptiness
Refusing to unveil its shroud
Yet when I find a place
Without other people’s noise
The thoughts in my head begin to beat
To my heart’s thrumming poise
Making their own kind of music
Clanging against their ribbed jail
A mélange of negotiations made between
Two parties on opposite ends of the scale
Causing a pandemonium of shivers
To ratchet through my twines
Carrying a drove of stubbornness
Refusing to read between the lines
Assuring me that sacrifice is meant to go both ways
And promises are surely made only to be kept
Safety cannot just be an illusion
And humans more than specimens left to dissect
It’s strange the way silence feels
Like dousing flames with dreams
Realizing that a combination of consonants and vowels
Are waiting to burst through my carefully stitched seams