A unique poem

By Opal Penny

I saw there was a contest and thought that I might try,
Though I’m more into athletic stuff than making people cry.
All that Shakespeare makes me sick. Robert Frost I just can’t take,
What my mother makes me read: I need to take a break!
But I guess that there are worse things like history and art,
And oh, I could go on and on ’bout things that make you… smart.

I grabbed a piece of paper, my pen was going down,
But when it almost touched the page I stopped it with a frown.
I still didn’t have a topic! Oh how silly of me.
That is quite a dumb mistake, I think you would agree.
I thought and thought and racked my brain, I couldn’t think of one,
I came up with one silly rhyme and said, “OK, I’m done!”

But I knew that was not right, I’d have to do some more,
I took a breath, I closed my eyes, and opened up a door.
I wrote and wrote, I could not stop! And then I was finally done,
My hand was sore, but I had to admit, it was kinda… fun.